Accurate Machine & Tool takes portable machine tool design and manufacturing to the next level, our competitors build and sale the basics while we are manufacturing state of the art equipment that works.

We provide machine tools to companies such as General Electric, Ethos Energy, Deilir EHF Iceland and for own personal use.

The following list is some of our machine tools we have designed and manufactured:

  • Portable Lathes with Sub Arc Capabilities
  • Custom slides with any length travel
  • Knee Mills
  • Flange Facers
  • Single Point Threading
  • Journal Cage Grinder
  • Steam Seal Face Grinder
  • Bore Plug Removal
  • Coupling Line Boring
  • Boring Bars
  • Planetary Gear boxes
  • Nuclear Containment Remote, Nozzle Profile Grinding System
  • Nuclear Containment, Inconel 625 Nozzle Pressurizer Repair System